Why Flowers are more Tempting than Cinnabon

Why Flowers are more Tempting than Cinnabon

Well, yet another catchy Title.

And for me, this is entirely true, as many people who know me, have discovered that Flowers and Gardening a new passion for me!

red garden plant green


Gardening  is so much fun, playing in the dirt, planting life into the ground:

man planting plant


There really does seem to be something about moving dirt around, removing weeds, creating a safe haven for new plants.

Well, every now and then, we go through hard times, and for me, that time was this past Saturday, where there was an episode of blood pressure problems, and it got a little crazy for a bit.  Was I scared!  Moments of fear yes, been through this a couple of times in life.  Kinda scary, but now I know what to expect.  As it all went away, and began to feel better.

Well, having said that, only a handful of people knew about this, and one of those Dear friends sent me a small vase of wild flowers!

Vase of Wildflowers


I love the color palette of our Creator.

More Beautiful Texture.jpg

And the Textures:

Love The Texture.jpg


Some other examples of Colors and Textures that are just beautiful!

in our Rose Garden:

A rose


Also in our Garden:

From our Rose Garden

The DogWood Tree:

The Dogwood Tree


My little garden box:

My little garden


Yes, color and textures in nature to me is amazing!  I love to look at plant life.

The different patterns, the different sizes.  The different color mixtures in one flower and or plant.  AMAZING!

So yeah, this is why, “Why Flowers are more Tempting than Cinnabon”  At least in my world.  🙂


What The Amish Can Teach You About the Citation X

“What the Amish can teach you about the Citation X”

What a catchy little title.  You know, the Amish can teach you a great many things about land management, working together to create a successful community.  The ability to grow the very, and healthy foods I might add, that we eat.  How they are able to create such amazing wood work.  I mean, yes, the Amish people do have my respect for a great many things.  But, the Amish cannot teach you a thing about the Cessna Citation X.   🙂

The Citation X:

Citation X at Cruise

She is a Beautiful Aircraft.  This is her at cruising altitude.

The Citation X is the fastest Corporate Jet in the World Today:

Citation X exterior

Normal Cruise is 604 Miles Per Hour

The Citation X was first announced in 1990.  The first delivery was to Arnold Palmer in August of 1996.

Arnold Palmer - Citation X

At just over a 23 foot cabin interior the Citation X boasts a very comfortable Cabin for sure.  Typical seating is for 8 or 9 passengers:

Citation X Interior 2.jpg

The Range Map of the Citation X 3,125 nautical miles:

Citation X Range Map

She can go coast to coast non stop.  Just over 4 hours from Seattle to New York.

A beautiful aircraft.  Very popular aircraft to be certain.

One of the things that is noticeable about this bird are the size of the Engines, powered by two Rolls Royce, Turbo Fan Engines:

Citation X on the Ramp

Seriously!  This aircraft looks like it is going FAST!  Just sitting on the Ramp!!

General characteristics

  • Crew: 2
  • Capacity: 12 passengers[6]
  • Length: 72 ft 4 in (22.05 m)
  • Wingspan: 63 ft 7 in (19.38 m)
  • Height: 19 ft 2 in (5.84 m)
  • Wing area: 527.0 ft² (48.96 m²)
  • Aspect ratio: 7.8:1
  • Empty weight: 21,600 lb (9,798 kg)
  • Max. takeoff weight: 35,700 lb or 36,100 lb[6] (16,374 kg)
  • Powerplant: 2 × Rolls-Royce/Allison AE 3007C or 3007C1 turbofan, 6,442 lbs or 6,764 lbs (28.66 kN or 30.09 kN[6]) each


Yes, the Amish people may know alot about the land and it’s community.  But not too much about the Citation X.  Pretty certain if you were in the Upper NE area of the United States, and asked an Amish Member about the Citation X, you may just get a blank Stare!

Ask them about farming, wood, foods, family and community, and you will get all the info you need.


How a Farm House Can Make Me a Better Person

For many years now.  I love the idea of owning a farm house on some land.   A Farm house with a Wrap Around Porch.

The Wrap Around Porch.jpg


With Swing(s) and chairs on the wrap around deck:

Swings on the Porch


There is just something about this idea that will bring such peace, tranquility.  And to hear the wildlife.

You can her the Local Woodpeck tapping at a near by tree:

close up of peacock


The Sound of the Humming Birds as they feed of their feeds on the corners of the Wrap Around Porch:

humming bird


Land to plant a large vegetable garden:

young salad


On the the wrap around, also growing some fresh herbs:

Front Porch Herbs


Then, there’s the Kitchen (let your imagination run with this one)  Mine would be a very large, commercial style kitchen.  Reason?   I love to Cook.  Period!  LOL:

farmhouse kitchen

And then there is the family gathering area, again, let you imagine take you.  I prefer Lodge style, but also, open to modern and contemporary:

Farmhouse living area

There is just so much to this idea of a farmhouse.  Not that I am a recluse, but like the outdoors, the sounds of wildlife, the fresh air blowing through the trees.  The time to sit on the deck, with a good book, or journal, and have a very real moment of feeling inspired.  Yes.  Being in areas like this, stir my imagination and creativity.  To write, to listen, and to write some more.  A place for little one to run and play with no worries of Cars and neighbors.    Yes, there is something about living in the country.  And one day, the Farm House will become a reality:

brown horse at grass field in front of white house

A two Story is a must, with a full, and finished basement.  It will be simply amazing.

Those are a few of a reasons why a “FarmHouse will help make me a better person.”


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The Sword of “Truth”

The sad thing is, for the past year, I have not been living a very truth filled life. I instead have been hiding from my pain, and not facing and dealing with them. It is time to change all of that. The unfortunate thing, my hiding has cost me my marriage to my best friend, Jill Atkinson, and the two awesome boys that I was taking on as sons. It is my only hope and prayer that they will be happy and content as our journeys part paths. Maybe, one day, in the future, our paths will cross again. I was told by my Creator that I was wired to Love Jill and the boys, and she told me that God told her it was okay to love me. My heart is broken into a million pieces right now and am trying to move forward on this journey, if you pray, please pray for Jill, the boys and myself. Thank you.

So Today has been a very fun filled day.  Got to visit a place in Alabany, OR called:

Permagrafix Tattoo

A great clean shop.  A great Artist who does fantastic work.  I would highly recommend Permagrafix Tatto.

They transformed my Concept Art:

Concept Art

Transferred the photo to my Right Forearm:

Transfer from Paper to forearm.jpg

Then the completed the outline of my concept:

OutLine complete.jpg

Then, took a couple minute break before he shaded up the work:

Work complete.jpg

Work is done, and it looks soooo good.  I am so happy how this turned out.

This journey began many many years ago, while I was living in California.  One night, I had a dream, and in the dream, I was laying on a flat table, it was a very nice day outside, the room was circular and all glass!  And I could hear, this noise, it was the machine for the tattoo needle and the Sword in the picture was being placed on my back.

The top of the handle was located at the base of my neck and the tip of the blade was just above my tail bone.

I will actually have that done as well, but not many people will see that.  So I decided to have this one placed on my right forearm and be able to share it with everybody.

Yes, it was a great day indeed.   🙂

I actually had this Tatoo done on my wife, Jill Atkinson’s Birthday.   She thought it was amazing!  There were a great many things that I did for Jill and the boys.  The truck I purchased, was picked out because of Jill.  Had to be a truck where she could sit next to me while we drove around.  Had to have enough space for the family.

What Everyone Is Saying About The Ocean


It is Spring time, and one of my favorite things to do is head to the Ocean.  And realize, that is a sentiment shared by a great many people.  There just truly is something that is just magical about being by the ocean.  Sitting or walking on the beach:

body of water near mountain under blue sky at daytime

For me, it has become a place where i am able to sit on the beach:

alone beach boy day

A place to gather your thoughts, reflect to get inspired!  There is just something about the beauty of God’s Creation that can bring a very real time of refreshing:

beach beautiful california clouds
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A place to listen to the waves crashing against the beach, and sometimes you can hear the gravel protest against the waves:

beach during sunset

A great place to Walk Barefoot in the Sand:

woman and man walking near seashore

On many occasions, I have witnessed people getting married on the Beach some extravagant:

beach wedding ceremony during daytime

And others very Simple:

Simple Beach Wedding

Or just go beachcombing and make some fun discoveries of what live in the ocean and what lives in the tide pools:

shells on shore

Yes, people go to the ocean for different reasons.  But the common thread in all of those reasons, is a time of being refreshed.  And many times, people cannot seem to describe just how being at the Ocean affects the, but some how, they know, in their knower, that it has.

So, what is your reason for going to the ocean?

So It Begins

There has always been that dream in my heart about becoming an Aviator.  To become a pilot, to Fly A Plane.   My heart belonged in the Sky.

Back in the Late 80’s, my Aviation Journey began.  It involved creating an opportunity to go to a flight school and having the money to do so.

Located a flight school, in Northern California.  Located in Lakeport, CA.  A small airfield known as Lampson Field.  The school was called, “Lake County Aviation”.

You can see the Flight School and the House I lived in while going to the flight school.

aerial photograph Lampson Field, Lakeport, Lake County, California

A little flight school.  Okay, so the school was located, now to obtain the funding needed.  Was able to obtain a grant from the State of Alaska.   (Exciting)  So, the date was set.  Flew down to San Francisco on Western Airlines and one of the flight instructors flew down to pick me up.  I was 18 years old.  And was chasing my dream!  I was beyond excited!

The instructor picked me up in a Cessna 182.  FUN!

Cessna 182

She was a pretty little complex airplane.  Loved it.  My Instructors name was Par’.  He was from Sweden.  Nice young man.

He flew into SFO to pick me up.  I was pretty amazed.

Landing sfo 28L

It is a Big Airport.


Felt so empowered to be in this Cessna 182 around all the big Jet Aircraft.  Pretty sure they, “The Airliners” didn’t like it that much.  LOL.  But it was an experience that will not, soon be forgotten.

For 6 1/2 to 7 months, I lived, breathed and everything Aviation.

Learn to Fly Here

First Intro Flight in the Cessna 172.  So Fun.

flight training

Final approach into Lampson Field.

Final Approach into Lampson Field

This Flight Computer and I became very good friends.  It was really fun to learn how to use this devise.

The Good Ole E6B Flight Computer.  Who Remembers these?

the E6B

Did nothing else really, but learn about flying, and all that entails.

The time literally flew by.  Worked on and received my Private Pilots License,


Commercial Pilots License,


My Instrument Rating Added,

instrument panel

as well as my Seaplane Rating, also added.

N17597 One of the first Temsco Birds I flew DHC2

and passed my Written exam to become an instructor.

flight instructors


After logging about 12 hours flight instruction, and many hours on ground instruction, came the day, it was Solo time.  What every pilot dreams about.  Taking the plane up by yourself.  It was excitement, anticipation and complete fear, all rolled into one emotion!

how you feel on your first Solo

Yup, that photo right there, pretty much sums it all up!!

To be Continued!

to be continued




Real Questions Tourist ask in, “Alaska”

Nooya Lake

Living in South East Alaska, provided a great time to meet many people from the Lower 48 states, they are called around these parts, “Tourists”.  I am going to share with you what some of the questions “They” have actually asked, and would scratch my head, because they were being serious in their question.

Alaska What The

You will understand what is being said, as these questions are being revealed.


alaska cruise ship

Tourist walk RIGHT OFF cruise ships and see all the mountains.

“Wow! What elevation are we at?”

Look down from the docks “About 20′ above sea level”

I was flying a group of tourists, to the Misty Fjords:

Rudyard Bay

Many times, after these trips, the passengers would tip the Pilot.   Well, on more than one occasion, to myself, and heard the same from my fellow pilots, the passenger would want to give the tip and say, “I only have American Money, do you take American Money.”  To which I responded with, “I’m sorry, we only take Alaskan Money!”  With a Grin on my Face, then it hit them and we all ended up laughing.  Yeah.  True Story.  Wait, it gets better.

Mountain Goat in the Fjords

Someone working in Tourism in Juneau Wrote:

I pointed out the white dots up on Mount Juneau to someone (mountain goats), and the response was, “OH COOL! POLAR BEARS!” :/

Alaskan head scratch

Another favorite on a different tour flight, again, heading to the Misty Fjords, a passenger / tourist asked me in all seriousness,  “How do you keep all these islands from RUNNING into each other.”


Alaska wait what

It just keeps getting better.  Great for writing material.  And the questions are very serious, in the mind of the tourist I guess.

Again, in the Misty’s:

Punchbowl Cove - The Rock Wall

“How much does the mountain weigh? With and without snow?”

Welllllll…….Let me see!  How do you answer this, or do you sit there dumbfounded at the Profound Question.  How do you answer that?

alaskan dumbfounded

And another tourist up in the Northern region encountered this question as they experienced what is called, “The Land of the Midnight Sun”:

“Geez,” I blurted. “What time does it get dark around here?”

The pilot glanced at his watch, looked back at me and replied, “Oh, about September.”

alaskan midnight

Love the pilots response on that one.   🙂

These are just a handful of the questions experienced while living and working in Alaska in the Summer.  I have so much more, let me know if you would like to hear more about the Wonderful Questions that tourists ask when they Come to God’s Country, “Alaska”.


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Stuff my parents told me that were true include..

Stuff my parents told me that were true include..

family timeGrowing up in a small village in Alaska, I grew up in a very large family.  My Dad had 11 brothers and sisters and my mom had grown up in a big family as well.  As a result, I had many great examples of family and seeing them as parents.

My parents have taught me countless lessons throughout my lifetime and continue to set examples for me in their everyday actions.

Here are the things I learned from them that have made me a better person:



My mom never stops putting others first. She cares so much about the ones she loves and will go to any lengths to make them happy. She always asks how my day went and will do whatever she can to make it even better. She’ll help out with the dishes at a family gathering, and we had Big Family Gatherings, drive an extra half hour out of the way just to give someone a ride, or switch meals with me at a restaurant when I order something I don’t like.

My dad never thinks twice about helping someone. He’ll shovel snow for the neighbor, not charge someone for salmon, or other fresh seafood.  Always sharing and caring.  He has such a pure heart, and I only hope I can be as kind as he is someday.



As much as I hated being forced to write thank you notes growing up, I know why they did it. Just taking the time to write a quick thank you for something you’re grateful for can make a huge difference.

My parents taught me not to take the things I have for granted. Even if I think it’s the end of the world, they keep me anchored and remind me that there is always a positive. They taught me to stay humble and urged me to find the good.



My parents are the strongest people I know. I am so blessed to have such a strong foundation.

There is nothing my dad can’t handle. I’ve always admired how level headed he remains, no matter what chaos may be going on around him. He’s taught me to stand tall and tackle whatever problems I may be facing. My dad taught me how to stand up for myself and not back down. He’s pushed me to try new things and show everyone what I’m made of.



Like most kids, we were taught to be kind – but we were also taught to care. My parents showed us that other people, regardless of their circumstance or personality, were valuable. People have stories that are worth sharing – and it is our privilege to bear witness to these narratives.   They taught us that if there was ever an event going on in our town, you would show up to honor and respect what was going on and just to offer support in any way you could.   Yes, other people mattered.

And finally,



I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I am loved.

Independent of any of my successes or failure, I will always be encouraged, supported, cheered on and loved. It is the greatest gift my parents ever gave me.

Yes, mom and dad were always there, cheering my sister and I on.  Now momma is in heaven, but I know she is still cheering us on.

I am grateful for the many other things I learned from my parents.

#familymatters #love #community #friends #cousins



Why I Love Pots and Pans (And Why You Should Too).

Why I Love Pots and Pans

Pots and Pans

There really is a simple answer to this statement.

It is, “For The Love of Cooking!”

for the love of cooking

Learning to cook new dishes has been such a fun adventure.  Don’t be afraid to try new dishes.  If you love to cook, adventure out.   To take FRESH ingredients,


And having the ability to “Create” a tasty meal.  Learning to cook a meal with the pots and pans in your kitchen can be very therapeutic.  it is great for down time, after a crazy busy day.  Plus, you are in control of what you are putting in your body.

You might say, “Well, I don’t know how to cook?”  It is so easy to learn.  There are so many sources for you to learn from.

There is “The Food Network – Cooking Channel”

food network cooking channel

What is great about them, is you can also search them online.  I have discovered a great many new dishes, and learning how to create them, because of their site.

Another is YouTube:

you tube

One of my favorite people on you tube, that I have really enjoyed is Gordon Ramsey.  He has such great tutorial videos, so quick, and so easy.

You might say, “But I can’t Even Boil Water!”

boil water

There is a video for that.  Plus many writings in various cook books on how to, “Boil Water!”

It is a great starting to point in the kitchen on learning how to use your pots and pans.  And then learning to cook healthy foods.   And then share the food that you cook with those that you love.


I guess one of my fondest memories growing up was hanging out in the Kitchen with the family at Grandmas house, as food was being prepared for Supper.   Being with your family is another great benefit of booking.   Get everyone involved:

cooking with family

To cook fresh is the best:

Everyone has heard that eating fresh foods is “better” for them, but do they know why? What’s the difference from a tomato from the grocery store vs. one grown in a garden (or purchased at a local farmer’s market)? There are many advantages to eating healthy, and immune boosts and good moods are only the beginning.

Points to Ponder:

The benefits of fresh:

  • Purchasing and eating freshly-grown fruits and vegetables is the best way to ensure no preservatives, chemicals, or dyes have been added to your food.
  •  Produce actually loses its nutritional value over time, so the quicker it’s eaten, the more nutrients that can be gained from it.
  • It tastes better!
fresh fruits and veggies

Why to avoid packaged:

  • Foods that have been canned, bagged, frozen, etc. have been enriched with chemicals known as preservatives in order to prolong their shelf life.
  •  These types of foods often contain other additives such as hormones, dyes, artificial flavors and sugars, etc.
  • Consuming these additives makes it harder for a digestive system to do its job. Chemicals that are unknown to the body prolong the digestive process and keep actual nutrients from being digested. (That is also why people get hungrier faster after eating a healthy meal.)
  •  Bottom line, if it’s full of chemicals, it’s not good for you.

Interesting fact:

  • Microwaving food alters its chemical make-up, making it equally as hard to digest as those foods full of preservatives and additives.

A consistent diet that includes fresh foods will provide a person with more energy, both physically and emotionally, and a healthier lifestyle overall. So the next time a new recipe or meal idea comes along, remember what’s more important: foods that will last, or a lasting nutrition.

I would encourage you to make the time to learn to use the “Pots and Pans” you have in your kitchen.

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If you only had one day to live, explain how you’d spend it?


Just a random thought, as I sit here and ponder a great many things.

Hey, if you only had one day to live, explain how you would spend it?   What is THAT one thing that is on your bucket list that you just HAVE to get done, and taken care of?

This thought reminded me of the Tim Mcgraw song, “Live like you were dying”


Would you go Sky Diving?


Would you go Rocky Mountain Climbing?

Bull Riding.jpg

Would you go 2.5 seconds on a Bull named Fumanchu?


Would you Love Deeper?

Some more lyrics from the song:

I was finally the husband
That most of the time I wasn’t
And I became a friend a friend would like to have.

How would you spend it?

What would you do?


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