In Light of Current Events…

In light of current events, I find myself, trying to go to sleep, but unable to, as there are people, both near and far, that I cannot stop thinking of. So, while I am awake, not being able to sleep, just know that I am praying for you all, and am missing you all. Never thought we would ever see a time like we have right now. Please, be good to one another, try not to stress too much. Don’t watch too much news, if you can stream a movie, or escape into a book, then do that. Or, check in on loved ones with a phone call, or IM them, or facetime with them, there are several different ways, now, online that this can be done, IE, Skype is another good one.. Well, i could ramble on and on.

Also, pray for those parents with special needs kiddos. Some of these littles simply won’t understand why their therapies are cancelled, and why their caregivers may not come to their home during this time. Pray for the parents for the strength to get through this. I work for a company that is essential, but may limit my time and exposure.
I love you all my friends. 

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