The Face That is etched on my heart

Keep It Simple

There are many days, that she is on my mind. I took a moment to pen draw her face, the way I can remember. The smile on her face in her eyes, the feeling of love and compassion. Always caring, always giving. This person has made an impression on me that will never go away. This face, it forever etched on my heart, a heart that aches, that is sad, that is broken, that has turned to ashes. Waiting for my Creator to bring healing. The self doubt, the self anger, the frustration of making a bad choice. The consequences of that choice. It brings me to a place of questioning all that is done, in my mind and in my actions. To say that she is missed, dearly, well, that is an understatement.

It is my hope and prayer that God continues to bring healing and restoration. The statement is true, Forever etched on my heart. You have imprinted on me. 🙂

In Search of Tranquility

In search of tranquility
More than silence
More than peace
Soul and senses
Be still and calm
Storms and waves
Be still
Be calm
One focus
But be seen in anywhere
Everywhere, anywhere, no where
Still one focus
Flower blossoms and withers
Summer breeze and winter chill
Golden leaves
Green mountain
Stability and balance
Tranquility in mobility
In search of YOU
Tranquility in YOU


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