There is coming a, “MOVE”

I remember writing this several years ago, and it just seems to resonate in my spirit at the moment.

It was when a movie was getting ready to be released: “The Force Awakens”

There is coming a move – there is an awakening that is sweeping the world!

The Force of Light is awakening.  There is a stirring and there will be a new release!

There has been promise given, that some have not yet seen come to pass!  Well,

The time is now!  Don’t give up, don’t settle for less!  Allow our Creator to Awaken

Your Spirit!  The Force Awakens!

Grace has gone before us – fulfillment will be the filling – Grace will go behind us!

This is YOUR YEAR!  The Force AWAKENS!!

This is what I have been hearing for the past few days.

This fall a new Star Wars Movie is being Released. 

 Called, “The Force Awakens”

“I have it, my Father has it, My Sister has it, YOU HAVE THAT POWER TOO”

Out of that, Our Creator has been doing some fun downloads and quite honestly, MESSING ME UP!

There is change in the Air.

There is change in the air.

With the change of seasons comes a chance to try something different. Liberate your mind, your senses, and your spirit.

Try some self-directed outdoor meditation. Lie back and think of nothing for as long as it takes to relax.

Pick a day to check out an art gallery, a theatre or explore a part of town you have never been before.

It’s spring-cleaning time! When you remove distractions from your outside world, you clear your inner mind.

Get outside for a hike. See if you can get a friend to come along or create a spring playlist to rock out to!

Grab your favorite book and head outside to read it under the shade of a tree. Bring a blanket and a snack.

Choose a recipe and make a meal you’ve been wanting to try! Challenge: buy random ingredients and see what happens.

Take the opportunity to meet new people. Winter can be long when we’re inside a lot. Look for community classes to join.

Walk to work, school or your hobby. Give yourself enough time that you don’t get stressed out about timing.

Dress in bright colors. It’s easy to get caught up in wearing only black, but bright colors can brighten up your day.

Rearrange your space. Reorient your rooms to have more positive energies and to take advantage of the late-day sun.

Treat yourself to your favorite ice cream. Better yet, buy a container of it and share it with the people you love.

Leave your window open all night so you can fall asleep with fresh air on your face (before it gets too hot).

Enjoy the late afternoon sun and lounge outside with some friends and cold drinks on the patio.

Go to the park for a game of basketball, soccer, frisbee, or whatever your sport is.

Buy or pick yourself some fresh flowers. Nothing says spring like fresh cut flowers. 

Start a photo journal of all the beautiful things you see this season. Keep it for when the winter blues hit.

Fill a jug with freshly sliced lemons or cucumbers – a yummy and refreshing way to stay hydrated.

The next time spring showers hit, take time to sit and watch them with a warm drink. 

Disconnect from your technology. Explore who you are and what you want to do when you’re not plugged in. 

Try out bird watching. Even if the birds don’t keep your attention, the sun and the spring wind are beneficial. 

Go to a local sporting event. Get caught up in the excitement and cheer for your favorite team.

Join a running group, go online to find when classes begin and connect with others. 

Pick a night to sleep outdoors. Curl up and enjoy the warmth of the season rushing over you.

Head to the farmers’ market and buy some fresh local veggies for yourself and those you love. 

Start a little garden for yourself. Whether it’s veggies, herbs, or flowers, enjoy watching something you planted grow.

Set mini goals each day. If you have a springtime goal, work towards it slowly but surely. 

Go through your clothes and donate anything that doesn’t fit or make you happy. Put away your winter clothes.

Make yourself some Kool-Aid. Pro tip: freeze some to keep your drink cool without watering it down.

Plan a day entirely for yourself. Disconnect from others and connect with yourself while doing something you love. 

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