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This is a blog about my life and adventures.  What I have done, what I may have created.  What I am currently doing. Aspiring Author.

Life really is an adventure.   At times, very difficult, at other times, seems to go very seamlessly.  Something I have never quite understood about life.

Well, I was born and raised in Alaska, grew up around aviation, around a commercial fishing family and the lumber industry.  Yes, I worked in the fishing industry for many years with my parents and many many other family members, then I struck out on a new adventure and pursued a career in Aviation.

Been in the Aviation industry for about 3 decades.    Never a dull moment and many things of what I will post on here will be my life story and history.

I will talk about Aviation, Family, the work life, aviation, airplanes, Cars, Trucks, Chevrolets, Dodge Rams, LIFE, and did I mention Aviation?

Currently, working at an auto dealership selling used cars and trucks, quite a new adventure for me and one that has become something quite positive for this time frame in my life.

Will share, the ups and downs.   Will talk about spiritual things.  Will talk about the successes, the achievements and what appeared to be failures, were actually life lessons.

Will work to, “Keep It Simple”.

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