12 Points to Ponder

Keep It Simple
  • Be Happy – No matter what, no matter where or when, choose to be happy. Take everything with humor in your heart, regardless of what it is.
  • Don’t Overthink Things – Sit down, think about a possible solution, and if you cannot come up with one in 10 minutes, then just act on the first best thing! Acting beats thinking nine out of ten times!
  • Act with your Mouth Shut – Instead of saying you’re sorry, exclaiming your resolutions to the heavens and proclaiming everything you want to do, just do it. Don’t tell the world what you will do, show it!
  • Give it Your All, Always – There is nothing you gain by living small. Either you give it 100% or you might as well not do it and change. Respect your time enough to give every moment everything you have.
  • Be Honest, especially with yourself – Lying serves no purpose other than getting you into a life of another person. Being honest sucks at times, sure, but it will always lead to a better life.
  • Choose your Path – This is your life and at the end it’s you who has to come to terms with how you lived. Don’t like what someone else is selling? Then don’t buy into it!
  • Show Massive Responsibility – You said you wanted to do something? Then do it! Words are meaningless unless they are followed by action. It’s your life, which makes it your responsibility. No one else liable for the way you live your life but you.
  • Be You – If you do not know what means, figure it out.
  • Drop the B.S. – You know what you are and are not doing. You know when you are lying to yourself, kidding yourself and not doing what you set out to do. Cut out all the crap and focus on what matters.
  • Never surrender on what truly matters to you – Whenever you do find something worth fighting for, fight for it with all you’ve got! Yes, you will fall. Yes, you will fail. Stand back up. The fight is only over when you stay on the ground.
  • Never stop improving – When you stop improving yourself you will fall below your potential and receive a life less than what you are capable of having. Work your hardest. Always.
  • Enjoy – You have one life, one chance, and one opportunity to make this life worth something, so make it count. Love your life, learn to enjoy yourself, laugh heartily, and, most importantly, make the mark you want to make on the world. Whether or not you lived a life worth living at the end is up to you.

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