Moving Forward / Chasing New Dreams

It has been a long while since a post has been created for this site. A great many things have happened in the past year and one half.

Last year, was head hunted by a small private jet aviation firm out of Carlsbad California, they hired me as a Private Aviation Sales, allowing me to work from my home office. That was a great experience, and business begin to take off, (as it were). Was there for just about one year and really enjoyed my time there. We only had two aircraft for charter, and were able to keep them both very busy.

However, given the state that my home was, was placing, a strangle hold on it’s people, and just could not deal with that any more, and seemed that the direction the leaders of that state was going, was going to create, nothing but chaos. So, the search for a new home began. Began by searching in North Carolina, then, stumbled on some very key points, that helped in making my decision to move. Points like, the state believes in our constitution and goes all out to protect the rights of her people. The property taxes, the cost of living, the freedom, jus to name a few. Made the decision in September of 2021, at the end of October, was on the road, heading to NE Tennessee. At the beginning of October, 2021 a very large private aviation company head hunted me, and we did an interview online, it was amazing. A company that has 80 private aircraft, based all over the country. Was very intrigued by the whole idea. The interview took place on Wednesday, and they told me they would contact me on the following Monday, as they ha other interviews to go through. Knew, in the back of my mind, that would be the case. However, on Friday, about 11:00 am PST, received a phone call from said company, and when viewed on my caller ID, my heart sort of sank, as calling me sooner than Monday, was probably not going to be good news. So, my heart braced for the worst, then, my, then, future boss, says, “Hi Alex, I am calling because……(pause), my heart sank,”. Then she says, we would like to offer you the position and here is what we can do for you. “WHEW!! “. Of course, the job was accepted. We nailed down a date for me to come to Ohio for training, and that would be right after the trip was made to Tennessee. Literally, three days after my arrival to my new home town. (More to come on this story later).

Needless to say, began a new journey, starting on new beginnings, have over 5 acres of property in Tennessee now, one plot houses the new home, and the other plot, looking to invest into. Tiny home, to rent out to Air BNB, more to come on this as it unfolds.

There really is a lot more to tell, but just getting back into my writing. Discovered that being out here in the very real country, the open air, the peace and quiet, is going to bring healing to my soul, and allowing our creator to heal places of my heart, that have been holding on to for way to long, things, that we are not designed to carry. And, as difficult as all that is, it is a very good thing.

Getting my passion for writing back, and actually picking up my guitar once again. There are some songs that were begun 3 years ago, that in my heart, just have to be completed. Well, need to sign off for the time being.

Will be back soon ya’ll !


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