There is coming a, “MOVE”

I remember writing this several years ago, and it just seems to resonate in my spirit at the moment.

It was when a movie was getting ready to be released: “The Force Awakens”

There is coming a move – there is an awakening that is sweeping the world!

The Force of Light is awakening.  There is a stirring and there will be a new release!

There has been promise given, that some have not yet seen come to pass!  Well,

The time is now!  Don’t give up, don’t settle for less!  Allow our Creator to Awaken

Your Spirit!  The Force Awakens!

Grace has gone before us – fulfillment will be the filling – Grace will go behind us!

This is YOUR YEAR!  The Force AWAKENS!!

This is what I have been hearing for the past few days.

This fall a new Star Wars Movie is being Released. 

 Called, “The Force Awakens”

“I have it, my Father has it, My Sister has it, YOU HAVE THAT POWER TOO”

Out of that, Our Creator has been doing some fun downloads and quite honestly, MESSING ME UP!


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