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This happens. In many relationships. Can be boy friend, girlfriend. Can be a lifelong friend. Can be your wife, or your husband. Can be your Soulmate. Yes, Misunderstandings happen. It all starts in communication breakdowns.

Synonyms & Antonyms of misunderstood

to fail to understand the true or actual meaning of

  • you misunderstood that poem because you took everything so literally

Synonyms for misunderstood

Words Related to misunderstood

If good communication does not take place in your relationship, you stand the very real chance of things breaking down. The synonym and Words Related, tends to happen, though you may not have wanted that to happen, it does.

I lost my, most recent relationship with my, Now, Ex-wife, simply because I did not communicate with her, concerns that were being bounced around my head. Instead of getting it out, tried to keep it in, and the inevitable happened. Lost my job. Instead of talking, again, breakdown in communication, harbored angst towards her instead. And to make matters even worse, I drank, behind closed doors, and then the blame came out! It was ugly, and it was awful! My marriage fell apart because Alex didn’t take responsibility for what he was feeling, and instead, tried to get through it.

IF, there was a way I could go back in time, that would certainly happen. It would of sounded something like this.

There are real concerns in my mind for the duration of our trip to Kauai, for you see, the company that I worked for, was small to medium in size, and my position was that of the sales person. Responsible for booking trips on our private jets. Was on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, did not look at this as work, as Aviation has always been a passion. Having said that, we chose to go to Hawaii for 14 days, and the concern came up that my job may be at stake. Our company just went through some major changes, and alot of adjustments were happening. It took two people to do my job in my absence. Now, looking back, should have asked her if we could take a 7 day vacation, instead of 14 days. But, not sure, had the gut feeling about my job, but, had not had a vacation in 9 years, and this was scary exciting. Well, with me agreeing, she took my work cell phone and locked it in the hotel safe. (again, not the best idea at the time). Having said all that, the communication even started just before the trip. In booking the hotel room. We needed a studio, with two rooms, as if I snored, then she can move to the next room and get sleep. Bad on my part for not confirming with her before I hit the Enter and confirm on the keyboard to the Resort. Boy, off to a rough start. IT all could have been different, if only we conversed together, and shared my heart, concerns and done it correctly. Instead, miscommunication happened. We got back from our Honeymoon, and 2 weeks later, the company that was working for, had gone through some structural changes, and I got laid off. As a result, in my heart, blamed her, when actually, it was all my fault in the beginning of this part of our journey. If there was a way to go back in time and do this correctly, of have a very real chance of saying that, “I Am Sorry.” Now that the problem in my heart has been identified, would like to simply, “Talk”. Note, on a different note, looking to get back into Aviation. There will be more that will come to the surface, as my journals come to light.


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