New Time, New Adventure

It would seem to be the word for me this year. “NEW”. It is like, all things for me this year. A very big year of change, and the thought crosses my mind, that, “Yes, change can be difficult, however, this time, my choice to live with all this change, has been very awesome! Scary at times, but still, good, none the less!” It has done my heart good, since October of 2021, with the change of region. Moving from the Pacific NW to NE Tennessee. This has been a very good change, the atmosphere, the area, the peace and quiet, and just how very nice the people are around here. It brings my heart back to the small town living that my sister and I were raised. People are friendly, courteous, respectful, honest and very nice. Heck, while driving down the road in our community here, people wave to you while you are driving by.

Love the area. The yes Ma’am’s and yes Sir. Is all just so very refreshing. This new change and all that was mentioned, is bringing some very needed healing to my scarred heart. More to come on that in another post.

Yes, going to really love being here. In the next few posts, going to be adding photos of the property, the house currently sits on 1.5 acres, and currently own the land next door, and plans are in the works to add a tiny home, that will be used as a secondary way to generate income, through AirBNB. The permits have all been secured, the ground breaking will begin in the next few weeks. Will keep photos going as the plan is to move forward with this part of the adventure. As stated before, photos and videos to follow. Also placing videos on my TikTok account. @Your_a_team, you should stop by and check it out.


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